Dr Nick Goodwin

Nick is a social scientist, academic and policy analyst with a specialist interest in investigating the organisation and management of primary, community and integrated care.

Nick is Co-founder and CEO of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), a not-for-profit membership-based foundation dedicated to improving the science, knowledge and application of integrate care across the world (www.integratedcarefoundation.org). He is also Editor-in-Chief of its scientific periodical, The International Journal of Integrated Care (www.ijic.org).

Nick also works as a Senior Associate at The King’s Fund and previously led its programme of research and analysis for improving and integrating care to older people and those with long-term conditions (LTCs).

Nick’s current portfolio of work includes UK, US and European-based case-study research examining the development and impact of integrated care on people with complex and long-term health problems. Nick continues to work with the UK government to support its policies on integrated care, and also supports on-going commitments to the application of integrated care within the European Union. He is also involved with the World Health Organisation in developing a Global Strategy to develop person-centred and integrated care.

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