What We Do

In our experience there is no single approach to integrating services. We believe that the solutions that work best are those which are developed in partnership with the local communities they are designed to support.  Our evidence shows that a true co-design process with service users, carers and the clinical community will create the modern, flexible service landscape that your population requires.

We are currently working across the UK and, through our partnerships, internationally to deliver integrated systems that support demand for modern, flexible healthcare.  Our clients include the LGA and NHS England, for whom we have developed a National Toolkit for Integrated Care that is setting direction in this arena; over 100 CCGs, Local Authorities and providers across the UK, where we are bringing together statistical analysis and service user voices to co-design locality-specific solutions; and the Department of Health for whom we are leading a national programme to provide improvement support to Better Care Fund development across the country.

3min final from Integrating Care on Vimeo.