10 things every provider needs to know about integration

10 things every provider needs to know about integration
posted 05 December 2014

At the recent King’s Fund HQ breakfast briefing Claire Perry and Peter Colclough, members of Integrating Care’s advisory board, together outlined the following 10 things health providers should consider before embarking down the path of inevitable integration:

  1. It is better to be a leader – change is going to happen, and the advantage will be with those who can move early and collaborate effectively, investing to make this a change for good.

  2. Know yourself – understand what better coordinated, person-centred care means for your workforce, your services, your finances, and your future plans.

  3. Involve your customers – this is about knowing who your service users are, and how to engage them in developing and delivering future services.

  4. Establish your vision – agree what you are going to be,  and ensure everyone in your organisation understands their part, and what this means for them.

  5. Manage the ambiguity – governments and policies change, the underlying drivers do not;  learn and adapt as you go along, but don’t put off what you need to do today.

  6. Learn the lessons of the past – we’ve been here before,  including in mental health, and few areas of health or social care are starting from scratch.

  7. Recognise things are also different now – challenges of funding, regulation and competition are not insurmountable, but they are real.

  8. Don’t rely on the “system” to sort things out – nobody has the answers yet;  engage with commissioners and regulators to develop solutions that work for all.

  9. Describe the journey – it’s not enough to say that transition will be hard and costly, unless you can quantify the risks and costs, and work with commissioners to manage these.

  10. Keep it simple – start with what matters most.

If you would like any further information for more detail around this guidance please contact: info@integratingcare.org