LGA launches practical toolkit to help improve UK health and social care

LGA launches practical toolkit to help improve UK health and social care
posted 15 January 2014

The Local Government Association (LGA) is today launching a toolkit which will provide practical guidance for the delivery of better integrated health and social care across the country.

The toolkit will help commissioners and providers navigate the tricky terrain of integrated care implementation, by identifying the best intervention for their locality. The practical support it offers is the result of an innovative partnership between the NHS, LGA and care organisations across the UK in response to the Government’s introduction of the Better Care Fund (BCF – formerly the Integration Transformation Fund.)

It was developed with the help of Integrating Care, and is being launched at today’s King’s Fund Better Care Fund Learning Event.

Cllr Katie Hall, Chair of the Community Wellbeing Board, Local Government Association said:

“The toolkit has already made waves across local government and health. Over 350 people have been involved in the development and testing of the products, and we know local areas are now using the toolkit to support their work on the Better Care Fund and wider integrated care locally.”

Claire Kennedy, Co-Managing Director, PPL & Senior Advisor, Integrating Care said:

“From 2015/16 onwards the UK health and social care landscape is going to look very different, and we need to ensure the entire sector is ready for it. This toolkit will help national and local care providers work together to make a substantial difference to the quality of life of individuals and communities across the country.

“We recognise that service co-ordination is far easier said than done, and that the looming BCF deadline will be cause for definite concern in some localities. But practical help is at hand in the form of the LGA’s toolkit. Its examples and user-friendly resources will help health and wellbeing boards and local partners determine exactly what will work best in their region and how.”

The toolkit has the following parts:

  • Overarching value case: Providing an overview of the benefits of a more integrated approach to health and social care in the UK
  • Modelling tool: Helping health and wellbeing board areas map the financial impact of this approach on their local health and care systems
  • Evidence review: Supporting the modelling tool and offering proof for the benefits of integrated care
  • Value cases: Offering summaries of localised integrated care programmes which demonstrate the success of this approach
  • Signposting tool: Pointing to existing useful resources around the planning and implementation of integrated care
  • Database: Providing searchable details of existing initiatives around the country

From today, the toolkit will be publically available on the NHSIQ’s ICASE as well as on the LGA website.